Superb Cloud Infrastructure
with low latency

All our services are meticulously designed to provide high performance, reliability and scalability at reasonable prices.

Features to make you stand out

Manage your network projects from start to finish. You’ll always know we're doing what, by when.


Break work into manageable pieces for you and your team. Dui erat malesuada diam.


Visualise significant checkpoints in your project to measure and share progress.

Due dates and times

Specify the date and time something is due so everyone’s working off the same deadline.


Know what we are doing, so your team can quickly and easily kick off work.


Customize what you need, Software-Defined your cloud network.


Understand teammate workloads by viewing tasks assigned to them.

Fast Provisioning

We are well known for rapid provisioning, often far faster than the time it takes most of our competitors. This is critical for businesses trying to order upgrades and connections just in time.

Premium IP Transit

We can connect you seamlessly in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. AS4809, AS9929, AS58807, AS4134, AS4837, AS58453, AS174, AS3257, AS6939.

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L2 Ethernet Services

Ideal for companies looking for cost-effective, flexible, reliable and secure direct connections to transfer mission critical data between locations.

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Network Security

Offers our valued customers a complete suite of services to protect your network and avoid degrading your customers’ experience.

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Dedicated Servers

High-performance, enterprise hardware, equipped with SDN Premium Network, and maintained 24x7x365 by on-site support engineers.

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Products designed for all sizes businesses.

To find out which solution will better benefit your business, contact one of our Account Managers.

Global IP Network Map

NetLab Global Backbone Delivers High-Quality IP Services, Fast & Safe, to Customers Worldwide. Our dual-stack Tier-1 Global IP Network spans the Americas, Asia on a single AS979. We operate a large transpacific network and our capacity is always growing.


We cultivate an environment where customers can SUCCEED

Experience the Next-Gen SDN Premium Network.